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Dan Millar

A Bit About Dan - Owner, Illustrative, Neo-Traditional and Traditional Tattoo Artist in Adelaide

Dan is the owner of 1891 Original Tattoo Co. and has been designing and creating tattoos for clients in South Africa and Australia for more than 15 years. In that time, he has worked on practically every style and design you can think of - he's the person to see if your idea is a little 'out there.'

Dan began his career as an apprentice at a traditional street store in Johannesburg, South Africa in the early 2000s, studying from some of the country's best artists. He rose through the South African scene for three years before taking a long absence from the industry to join the Royal Marines (U.K.), where he served at 42 Commando until discharged.

Keeping his eye - and hand - on the industry the entire time, he eventually met his wife (and Adelaide local) and chose to return to her hometown to settle down and re-enter the tattooing trade. During his time working in other people's shops, Dan found that while some studios were exceptional in certain areas, they lacked in others; some prioritised awards, while others prioritised clientele.

After guesting and working all around Adelaide, he realised that the only way to get the true vibe he wanted was to open his own creative space. Consequently, 1891 Original Tattoo Co. was established. Dan had a very clear vision for the type of place he wanted to operate from and establish for his clients. A testament to Dan and his team, the shop is renowned for its warm and welcoming studio environment.

Dan is proudly sponsored by Natures Grift Aftercare and Axys Rotary

Dan's Work

If you'd like to chat with one of our award-winning highly skilled Adelaide tattoo artists, get in touch or drop by our studio at 666 Goodwood Road, Daw Park.

We are always stoked to see what ideas people have for their next piece. Each tattoo is a new challenge for our artists and offers a chance to create fresh, new designs. Don't be shy; give us a call at 0421 529 215 or send us a message on our contact page and we'll get back to you with all the information you need.

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